What Is A Popcorn Fundraiser?

Pop, Raise, and Repeat: Discover the Power of a Popcorn Fundraiser!

A popcorn fundraiser is a product fundraiser for a group, school, or team to raise money for a project by selling different flavors of popcorn and keeping a percentage of the sales. Product quality, flavors, and percentages differ for each popcorn fundraiser company. When you are working with the right vendor and having the best offers, selling popcorn is a great fundraiser. To learn more about what is popcorn fundraiser, continue reading.

Why You Should Have A Popcorn Fundraiser

A popcorn fundraiser is a perfect way to get people together to raise money for a particular cause. It is also a perfect platform to promote a message and share major objectives for an organization. So why should you have a popcorn fundraiser?

  • Popcorn fundraisers are straightforward and are student’s favorite
  • It is a high-profit fundraiser
  • Everyone loves a big bag of flavored popcorn.
  • You can get the most out of popcorn fundraisers as it is simple.

Tons Of Flavors

Truly 50% Profit - GUARANTEED
Unlike many other fundraising companies, The Pop Fund truly gives you 50% of your profits! No hidden fees, no hidden costs, and no games. We guarantee that 50% of every single dollar you raise will go right where it belongs.. Directly to you!

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Fundraiser With The Pop Fund

To get the most out of your popcorn fundraising, you should;

  • Find the right popcorn fundraising company to assist you.
  • Come up with a plan for your team to increase sales.
  • Get high participation with an incentive plan.
  • Make more sales with top-notch quality products.
  • Provide buyers a reason to buy with a clear project that benefits the school program.

Check out here a simplified plan to get the most out of your fundraiser with popcorn;

KISS - Keep Your Fundraising Simple

Here is an easy way to fundraise with popcorn:

  1. Provide every seller with everything that they require to sell. That is adequate product knowledge and brochures to sell.
  2. Offer each seller the projected fundraising goal and the overall group goal. For instance: Sell 10 popcorn bags for $100 each.)
  3. Be specific on what the sale benefits and what it will fund.
  4. Provide sellers with a daily plan for the fundraiser period.
  5. Give an incentive arrangement. (Create your own or acquire an offer from some popcorn fundraising companies.)
  6. Get to know the highest profit obtainable from popcorn fundraising companies.
  7. Gather all the above information from a single popcorn fundraiser company.
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Focus On The Length Of Your Fundraiser

Many groups run the fundraiser for about two weeks or less. Other groups have also had a lot of success within one week.

“Many fundraisers sell their products in the first and last week. Planners normally sell during the first week, whereas procrastinators wait until the last minute. This is why we eliminate the rest of the time and limit sellers to a maximum of two weeks. This also results in higher sales for most teams.”

Within this period, there is less time to forget about the fundraiser and adequate time to contact all the potential buyers.
There are also a few online fundraisers that take four days, which require more preparation and less time to reach out to friends and family.

When To Run Your Fundraiser

For some groups, spring is the best time to sell Popcorn. Boy Scout Popcorn fundraisers are done in the Fall or Spring, depending on the country and area. The beginning of school and Fall makes it perfect for selling Popcorn. Most popcorn fundraisers are also completed from Halloween to Christmas.

Have A Good Number Of Participants

This question is tough to answer as there are numerous variables to factor in.

With 2 or 3 participants, groups can make sales, or they can sell more with hundreds of participants.

Multiple teams can sell 5-10 items for every seller.

To find out if selling 5-10 items for every member is worthwhile, simply calculate the possible earnings and make the decision.

Most groups make an average of $1,000 -$5,000 profit with popcorn fundraising.

Truly 50% Profit - GUARANTEED
Unlike many other fundraising companies, The Pop Fund truly gives you 50% of your profits! No hidden fees, no hidden costs, and no games. We guarantee that 50% of every single dollar you raise will go right where it belongs.. Directly to you!

The Pop Fund - What is A Popcorn Fundraiser

At the Pop Fund, we understand everybody has unique needs and do our best to fulfill everyone’s needs. Because of this, we offer both online and traditional fundraising. We’ve worked with hundreds of groups, organizations, and schools to raise funds and have realized traditional fundraising performs the best. We also understand how crucial it is to have online sales.

We Think Of Our Groups First, Giving You Everything You Need

Our main objective is to ensure you reach your fundraising goals, so we recommend using both online and traditional fundraising. Contact us today to learn how we can set you up with the perfect fundraiser.

More Profits (50% Profit GUARANTEED)

Unlike most fundraising firms, The Pop fund guarantees 50% profits! No hidden costs, no games, and no hidden fees. We offer a guarantee that 50% of each dollar you raise will find its way to where it belongs. Straight to you!

No Minimums (ZERO RISK)

At the Pop Fund, we guarantee zero risk. Here, you won’t incur any hidden fees or costs.
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We Give You Two Fundraising Options

At the Pop Fund, we provide you with two types of fundraising options, as we know everyone has unique needs—traditional fundraising and online fundraising. Let’s see what each entails.

Brochure Popcorn Fundraising

This is the most profitable form of selling. Dig in to find out how it works.

 Traditional fundraising with popcorn functions as follows.

  1. Contact regarding beginning a fundraiser and choosing the start date.
  2. We will ship all brochures required for free.
  3. Every seller will use these forms to complete their orders during your two weeks fundraiser.
  4. Every seller will turn in their summary of sales from their brochure along with the cash they’ve raised. Every seller must retain the brochure to hand out popcorn to their supporters later.
  5. Your assigned leader will forward to us a summary of sales with our issued tally sheet and the popcorn payment.


We will send all your sold popcorn, and your sellers will distribute it to the supporters.

Online Popcorn Fundraising

If you have an online fundraiser with us, we make sure you are set up with what you require. Once you contact us and provide us with all the information required, we will give you the following.

  1. A personal link and page labeled with your organization’s logo.
  2. We can make this the general fundraising page for your group. The page can also be set up with a list of students or sellers for the supporters to pick from. With this list, you can keep track of the sales made and with who.
  3. Once your 2-week fundraiser is complete, we will forward a summary of your sales and a check for the money raised.

If you opt for an online fundraiser, every order is shipped out fresh. The orders are also shipped directly to the supporter that made the purchase.

Truly 50% Profit - GUARANTEED
Unlike many other fundraising companies, The Pop Fund truly gives you 50% of your profits! No hidden fees, no hidden costs, and no games. We guarantee that 50% of every single dollar you raise will go right where it belongs.. Directly to you!

So What Is Popcorn Fundraising In A Nut Shell?

Are you looking for an easy way to raise funds for your club, organization, or school? Pop Fund is your answer. We provide a 50% profit on each bag sold, making it an easy and sure way to raise the funds that you require. With us, you will be able to raise funds for a noble cause and offer your supporters a tasty treat when you sell our variety of enticing flavors. Contact us today and learn how we can help you achieve your fundraising goals!

Frequently Asked Popcorn Fundraiser Questions

Popcorn fundraisers work by selling popcorn products to raise funds for a cause or organization. Choose a popcorn supplier, set fundraising goals, promote the fundraiser, take orders, collect payments, place the order with the supplier, distribute popcorn products, and track and report results. It’s important to follow guidelines and keep accurate records.
Yes, selling popcorn can be a good fundraiser due to its popularity, versatility, profitability, ease of selling, flexibility, and engagement potential. However, success depends on proper planning, promotion, and execution, as well as understanding the specific needs of your target audience.
Setting up a popcorn fundraiser involves choosing a supplier, setting fundraising goals, promoting the fundraiser, taking orders and collecting payments, placing the order with the supplier, distributing popcorn products, and tracking and reporting results. Proper planning, promotion, and execution are key to a successful popcorn fundraiser.
The shelf life of fundraiser popcorn depends on the type of popcorn, its packaging, and storage conditions. Generally, popcorn has a relatively long shelf life compared to other perishable food items. Popped popcorn, when stored in airtight containers or resealable bags, can last for several weeks to a few months, depending on the freshness of the popcorn and the conditions of storage. However, it’s important to check the packaging or consult the supplier for specific recommendations on the shelf life of the popcorn products you are using for your fundraiser.
The amount of money you can make from selling popcorn depends on factors such as the type of popcorn, pricing, target audience, demand, and efforts put into promotion and sales. Popcorn fundraising typically offers a profit margin of around 30-50% or higher. The volume of sales you achieve also affects the total earnings. However, it’s important to consider any expenses associated with the fundraiser. Effective marketing, promotion, and sales strategies can help maximize your fundraising earnings.

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