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The PopFund Offers Two Types Of Fundraisers

Take Your Fundraiser To The Next Level, Pair Both Online And Traditional Popcorn Fundraising

PopFund offers a variety of fundraising options to cater to the needs of many different groups. When partnering with PopFund, organizations have the flexibility to choose from multiple types of fundraisers. They can leverage the power of online fundraising, utilizing digital platforms and social media to reach a wider audience and maximize their fundraising efforts from a digital perspective. This allows groups to tap into the vast online community and engage potential supporters from all corners of the globe.

Alternatively, they can opt for traditional fundraising methods, which provide a more hands-on and personal approach. In our experience, traditional brochure fundraising has been the most impactful approach to raising money for your cause.
For those seeking the best of both worlds, PopFund also offers the option of combining traditional and online fundraising strategies, enabling groups to leverage the benefits of both avenues. With PopFund, organizations have the freedom to select the fundraising approach that aligns best with their goals and target audience.

Two Types Of Fundraisers

Traditional Fundraising

Traditional fundraising is our most popular and successful way of fundraising. After receiving our free 4 page brochures, each seller simply fills out their sales on the order form page during their fundraiser. Once your fundraiser is complete, your group will gather the totals from each form and send us the final tally of sales along with payment for the sold popcorn. We provide fast and free shipping to all orders that hit our small bag minimum of 75 bags! After receiving your popcorn, each seller will use their forms to distribute popcorn to their supporters.

Online Fundraising

Online fundraising is a great tool to use for those who plan to sell to family and friends out of town. Selling online is also great for simply sharing your custom link through email or on a group’s Facebook page. We provide online fundraising to sellers by creating a custom page for their group that they can share to potential supporters. Whether you want the sellers names listed on this custom page or you prefer to have a page for general support, we have you covered! For online sales we ship out each order the same day that we receive it and also send a breakdown of all of your sales at the end of your fundraiser.

See The Success Of Groups that Have Used Some Of Our Types Of Fundraisers

Capture the harmonious spirit of a school band organization raising funds with a popcorn fundraising event. This vibrant image showcases a captivating ensemble of musical elements. In the foreground, a beautifully crafted stringed instrument stands tall, its strings resonating with the promise of melodies yet to be played. Adjacent to it, an elegant grand piano exudes timeless grace, awaiting the touch of skilled fingers to bring forth its enchanting tunes. Floating gracefully above these instruments, a colorful musical note symbolizes the joy and rhythm that permeate the band's performances. Together, these symbols convey the dedication and talent of the school band, as they join forces to raise funds through a popcorn sale. With each kernel popped and every bag sold, they harmonize their efforts to create unforgettable musical experiences while supporting their musical journey.

Highschool Band Groups

High School Band Trips Average $5,000 Profit Per Sale.
Embodying the Spirit of Adventure: Unlocking Middle School Memories with one of our two types of fundraisers at The PopFund!" In this evocative image, a magnificent building proudly stands tall against the backdrop of a bustling cityscape. Its grand architecture and towering presence symbolize the dreams and aspirations of middle school students in their quest to explore the wonders of Washington, D.C. A vibrant banner proudly displays the words "PopFund" in bold, inviting letters, revealing the key to unlocking unforgettable memories. As the sun casts a warm glow on the building's façade, a sense of anticipation fills the air. It serves as a reminder that through the power of fundraising with PopFund, doors are opened, granting access to the rich tapestry of historical landmarks, iconic monuments, and captivating educational experiences that await within the city's embrace. The image captures the essence of hope and possibility, showcasing the transformative impact that fundraising can have on these students' lives. With every purchase of popcorn and every dollar raised, the dreams of embarking on this transformative journey become increasingly attainable. The image encapsulates the collective spirit and determination of students, teachers, and parents, united in their mission to make this trip a reality. It serves as a beacon of inspiration, a testament to the potential of community support and the power of popcorn fundraising to create life-changing opportunities.

Middle School Washington DC Trips

Middle School Washington DC Trips Average $7,000 Profit.

Unleashing the Spirit of Teamwork: PopFund Fuels School Baseball Success with Popcorn Fundraising!" In this compelling image, a trio of baseball essentials takes center stage, representing the heart and soul of a school team's pursuit of excellence. A worn and weathered baseball glove, a sturdy bat, and a pristine ball come together to embody the unwavering passion and dedication of student-athletes. The glove, adorned with the marks of countless catches and victories, symbolizes the importance of skill and practice in the game. It represents the collective effort of players, coaches, and supporters who contribute to the team's success. The bat stands tall, ready to unleash powerful swings that can turn ordinary moments into extraordinary triumphs. And the ball, poised in mid-air, encapsulates the anticipation and limitless possibilities that each game holds. Amidst this dynamic scene, a vibrant banner proudly declares "PopFund," illustrating the pivotal role of popcorn fundraising in fueling the team's journey. By participating in this initiative, the community rallies together, recognizing the impact of their support in enabling the team to thrive. With every popcorn purchase and donation, funds are raised to secure equipment, training facilities, and opportunities for growth and development. The image embodies the spirit of teamwork, highlighting how the collective efforts of the players and their community can be magnified through popcorn fundraising. It portrays the power of unity and the shared commitment to nurturing athletic talent, fostering resilience, and creating a sense of belonging within the school team. As the team's dreams take flight, propelled by the generosity of their supporters, this image serves as a visual reminder of the transformative power of PopFund. It celebrates the triumphs that can be achieved when a community comes together to ensure that the baseball program thrives, offering valuable life lessons, cherished memories, and the potential for athletic success.

Youth Football Teams

Eastern Youth Football Generates $6,5000 In Profit.
Elevating Dreams: PopFund Unleashes Dance and Gymnastics Excellence through Popcorn Fundraising!" In this captivating image, two gleaming trophies take center stage, representing the pinnacle of achievement for dance and gymnastic groups. Their polished surfaces reflect the dedication, grace, and athleticism exhibited by these talented performers. The trophies stand as symbols of the collective efforts of dancers, gymnasts, coaches, and supporters who strive for excellence in their craft. Each trophy tells a story of countless hours of training, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to their art forms. Amidst the shining trophies, a vibrant banner proudly displays the words "PopFund," showcasing the transformative power of popcorn fundraising in elevating the dreams of these dance and gymnastic groups. It stands as a testament to the community's belief in their potential and the impact that support can have on their journey. Through the sale of popcorn and generous donations, PopFund fuels these groups' aspirations. The funds raised enable them to access top-notch training facilities, secure costumes and equipment, and participate in prestigious competitions and performances. Popcorn fundraising becomes the key that unlocks opportunities for growth, recognition, and the pursuit of excellence. The image captures the essence of the dance and gymnastics world, showcasing the beauty, discipline, and athleticism that define these art forms. It embodies the transformative power of PopFund, uniting communities in their shared passion for dance and gymnastics. As the trophies gleam with pride, the image serves as a visual reminder of the immense impact that popcorn fundraising can have on these groups. It celebrates the extraordinary talent, hard work, and dedication of the dancers and gymnasts, and the support they receive from their community. This image encapsulates the exhilaration of dance and the artistry of gymnastics, fueled by the generous contributions of popcorn fundraising through PopFund. It inspires the next generation of performers, fostering their growth, and helping them reach new heights of success and fulfillment in their chosen disciplines.

Dance & Gymnastic Groups

Dance and Gymnastics Earn $3,000 Profit Twice A Year.
In this captivating image, a vibrant cheerleader takes center stage, exuding energy and spirit. With pom-poms held high and a radiant smile, she epitomizes the essence of cheerleading and the passion that drives these dynamic teams. Surrounding her, a flurry of colorful popcorn kernels fills the air, symbolizing the transformative power of PopFund in supporting cheer groups through popcorn fundraising. Each kernel represents a step towards achieving their goals and raising vital funds for uniforms, training camps, equipment, and competition expenses. The cheerleader's exuberance embodies the dedication and teamwork that characterize these groups. Through their synchronized routines, infectious enthusiasm, and unwavering support, cheerleaders uplift their teams and ignite the spirit of the crowd.

Cheerleader Groups

Elite Spartan Cheer Brings In $1,200 Profit With Only 15 Kids

See What Groups Are Saying That Have Worked With The PopFund

More Ways To Win With Popcorn Fundraising

We are convinced that we can make your next fundraiser fun and easy! Our fun branding, easy-to-use materials, and delicious popcorn make your fundraising process a success from start to finish. We are with you every step of the way to assist you in anything that you may need. We also did our best to make your fundraiser as fun and simplistic as we could. Unlike other fundraising companies, we make all of our bags the same size, all of our flavors the same price, and all of our profit to you the same percentage.. 50% guaranteed! As a seller, your supporters love hearing that you will be receiving 50% of the profit for every bag sold. At a price of $8 per bag, we even added in a combo pack of 3 bags for the price of $22 in order to help you increase the amount of bags you sell. Selling popcorn with Pop Fund truly is one of the easiest ways to raise money for your cause!

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Truly 50% Profit - GUARANTEED

Unlike many other fundraising companies, The Pop Fund truly gives you 50% of your profits! No hidden fees, no hidden costs, and no games. We guarantee that 50% of every single dollar you raise will go right where it belongs.. Directly to you!

You're Trusted Source For Fundraising

Here at The Pop Fund we understand that everyone has different needs and we do our best to fulfill those needs. That is why we offer both traditional and online fundraising. We have helped hundreds of groups, schools, and organizations raise funds and have found that traditional brochure fundraising always performs the best. Being able to be in-person while selling is a huge advantage given its personal touch. However, we understand how important it is to have online selling available as well. Our goal is to make sure you reach your fundraising goals, which is why we also offer and sometimes recommend pairing both traditional and online together depending on your situation. Reach out to us today to discuss how we can set you up with the perfect fundraiser!

Frequently Asked Questions On The Types Of Popcorn Fundraisers

The best way for groups to raise money! A popcorn fundraiser utilized by schools, groups, and teams to easily raise money for projects by selling different styles and flavors of popcorn. Then once all of the orders are in, the group will maintain a percentage of the sales for their project.

When you are running or a part of a popcorn fundraisers, the best way to promote your fundraiser is by:

Going the traditional route. Groups that have trusted their fundraising with the PopFund have found that the most success comes from traditional brochure selling. 

You can also leverage online sales, where you are promoting a link to a website, where your customers can place orders from the convenience of their own home. This is best leveraged side by side with traditional brochure fundraising. 

The PopFund offers two different options for fundraising. The most popular option is traditional brochure fundraising which has proven to be the most impactful option for groups. The second option is online fundraising, where your group will get a dedicated page on our website that will allow sponsors to purchase popcorn online while still ensuring the proceeds go to your group and the credit goes to a specific member of your group.

And if you would like to take your fundraiser to the next level, you can opt-in to do both online and traditional fundraising, which allows you to hit your fundraiser from both fronts, digital and in person.

Hands down, Traditional brochure fundraising. The in-person aspect of traditional fundraising allows groups to get the most out of their fundraising efforts time and time again.
Traditional fundraising refers to in-person selling to raise money for your school or group. This has been the most impactful way to raise as much money as possible for your cause.

The PopFund offers two types of fundraisers; online and traditional brochure fundraising. But you can always pair both together. 

Popcorn fundraising involves selling delicious popcorn products to raise funds. Supporters can choose from a variety of popcorn flavors and sizes, making it an enjoyable and tasty way to contribute to a cause.
Absolutely! Organizations can leverage the power of both popcorn fundraising and direct donation campaigns simultaneously to maximize their fundraising efforts and provide options for different supporter preferences.
The choice between popcorn fundraising and direct donation campaigns depends on factors such as the target audience, fundraising goals, and organizational preferences. It’s advisable to consider the strengths and suitability of each type and select the one that aligns best with the organization’s objectives.

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