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Are you looking for fun and easy fundraising ideas for schools for your school? A popcorn fundraiser for schools can be a great way to get your students and their families involved in raising money.

Not only will you be offering a tasty treat that everyone loves, but the fundraiser can also be a profitable and simple way to gather donations. With various flavors and packaging options, you can customize your fundraiser to appeal to your supporters.

Below, we will guide you through the process of planning and executing a successful popcorn fundraiser for schools. The guide also shows you how easy our company, The Pop Fund, makes it to raise money for a school fundraiser.

What is a School Fundraiser?

A school fundraiser is an event or program that raises money to support the school’s mission. A school can organize a fundraiser to raise money to cover the costs of trips, supplies, equipment, and many other needs in the classroom.

There are various ways to make money for school fundraisers. These include bake sales, variety shows, car washes, auctions, raffles, popcorn sales, and more.

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Steps To School Fundraising Made Easy

Organizing a successful fundraiser requires careful planning and execution. Here are the steps to take when running your fundraiser:
Build A Team

The first step in planning a school fundraiser is to build a team of people who are willing and able to help. Having a group of dedicated and talented individuals to take on the various tasks needed makes the process less daunting and more efficient. Your team’s size will depend on the scope of the fundraiser and its goals.

The team should consist of people with various skills and backgrounds, such as strategists, funders, organizers, marketers, and volunteers. Together, these individuals can brainstorm creative ideas for the fundraising event. They can manage publicity and outreach efforts, handle logistics and supplies, monitor fundraising progress, and ensure the fundraiser meets its goals.

Set Your Budget And Goals

Having a plan for how much money you aim to raise, what expenses you’ll incur, and the timeline for your fundraiser are all essential for ensuring your fundraiser is a success. Start by setting realistic goals, such as how much money you want to raise from your popcorn fundraiser or any other type of fundraiser.

Next, create a budget detailing the costs needed for the school fundraiser. This includes supplies, food/drink, decorations, venue rental fees (if applicable), and marketing materials. You should set aside some extra funds in case of unexpected expenses.

Advertise With Your Network

Advertising with your network is a great way to get the word out about any school fundraiser. Leveraging the existing networks of team members, friends and family, colleagues, parents, and local businesses can help spread awareness.

When advertising with your network, ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding the message you want to convey. Consider using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It’s also beneficial to create materials such as flyers or posters. You can distribute printable versions of these materials in various locations or even through email.

Show Gratitude

After concluding the school fundraiser, thank all participants and donors for their contributions. You can express gratitude through various methods.

Consider sending a thank you email or letter to everyone who participated or donated. You could also post a message of thanks on social media platforms to spread the word about your appreciation and garner more attention for your cause. Public recognition during an official event or gathering is another way to show how much your team appreciates its supporters.

The Benefits Of Working With The Pop Fund For Your School Fundraiser

If you’re stuck on how to get started with your school’s popcorn fundraiser, consider working with the Pop Fund. Founded in 2019, Pop Fund provides gourmet popcorn for fundraisers to help schools reach their fundraising goal with delicious treats. (Plus ZERO upfront cost)

When you work with Pop Fund for your school fundraiser, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Ease Of Fundraising

Pop Fund provides a stress-free way to raise money for your school through traditional or online fundraising. With the traditional method, we will provide you with four-page brochures where each seller records their sales. Once the fundraiser is over, your team will calculate the totals from each sales form and send us the final tally and payment for all the popcorn sold.

The online fundraising method is ideal if you want to sell popcorn to people who are out of town. You only need to share a custom link to the product page on Facebook or via email. We will ship out the orders placed online the same day and send you a breakdown of all the online sales at the end of the fundraiser.

50% Profits Gauranteed

At Pop Fund, we guarantee 50% on every popcorn sale you make. This means that for every bag of popcorn sold, you will receive 50% of the profits. Pop Fund takes away all the hidden fees and costs.

With Pop Fund’s 50% profit guarantee, you can rest assured that you will meet your fundraising goals quickly. Since all the popcorn bags have similar sizes and sell for the same price, you can quickly calculate the profits from each sale.

Is Selling Popcorn A Good Fundraising Idea?

Yes, selling popcorn is an excellent choice for your school’s fundraiser! Unlike other food items, popcorn is incredibly easy to store and transport. Plus, everyone loves delicious gourmet popcorn! When you partner with popcorn fundraising companies like Pop Fund, you will have a wide variety of popcorn flavors to offer your supporters, making it easier to reach your fundraising goals. You can choose from flavors like Caramel, Kettle Corn, Better Cheddar, Jalapeno Cheddar, and more.

Start Planning Your Next School Fundraiser

Now that you know all about school fundraisers, it’s time to start planning your next fundraiser. If you’re considering a popcorn fundraiser for your school, it will be best to partner with Pop Fund for maximum profits and convenience.

Our 50% profit guarantee will make it easier to reach your fundraising goals. To help you earn a higher profit, we will provide you with 15 delicious popcorn flavors that will impress your supporters. Contact Pop Fund to learn more about how our gourmet popcorn is the ideal choice for your next school fundraiser.

Frequently Asked Questions About Popcorn Fundraisers For Schools

Simple, just fill out a form on our website and get in touch with one of our fundraising specialists and we will make sure you are going to. Get the most out of your fundraiser!
According to research, fundraising strengthens the school and community bond. Not only does it strengthen that bond, it also helps school groups and clubs raise funds necessary to improve their gear and equipment.
We make it as easy as possible. If you are looking to set up your fundraiser with The Pop Fund, all you have to do is reach out and we will help take care of the rest!
We always recommend that you leverage traditional fundraising but we can help support you with both traditional and online fundraising.
Absolutely, we have had customers continue to buy popcorn from fundraiser groups just because of the quality of our popcorn!
All of our flavors are absolutely amazing. Some of our top flavors are better cheddar, kettle corn, Chicago style and White cheddar.
When you get set up with our traditional fundraising package we will make sure you get a stack of brochures (mailed to you) so you can be as effective as possible.
Our recommendation would be for you to reach out now and get all of your questions answered that you may have so when the time comes you are ready to hit the ground running and get the most out of your fundraiser.
Absolutely, any group can work with The Pop Fund!
We will ship inside the entire United States.

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