Popcorn Fundraising for Schools

Popcorn and progress: Let’s make both happen for our school!

Take your fundraising efforts to the unparalleled next level with The Pop Fund’s guaranteed 50% profit margins on all your popcorn sales, devoid of minimum order requirements. Indeed, it has never been easier to leave an outright mark on your school’s organization. Why spend unprofitable hours setting up a sophisticated fundraiser when you can simplify your fundraising process with The Pop Fund’s affordable and easy popcorn fundraiser? The Pop Fund has you fully covered with its delicious and fun popcorn fundraisers. Go for it!!

Popcorn fundraising is a celebrated means for schools to raise funds for different purposes. Everyone loves The Pop Fund because it is an easy-to-manage and affordable option to fundraise.

In this blog, we explore what Popcorn Fundraising for schools encompasses, why it is a popular fundraising alternative, and the specific school organizations that work with The Pop Fund.

What is popcorn fundraising for schools

Popcorn fundraising for schools entails selling popcorn to raise funds for school-related purposes. The Pop Fund can be utilized for a range of activities, including supporting student organizations, funding school trips, and buying new equipment. The Pop Fund fundraisers typically encompass the sale of gourmet popcorn in different packages, sizes, and flavors.

The Pop Fund designs profitable and easy popcorn fundraisers for every kind of school organization. The Pop Fund does not charge any upfront costs but still offers ceaseless support to school organizations along the way. It has never been easier and quicker to raise funds for your school organization than with the highly profitable The Pop Fund.

Why use popcorn fundraising for schools

Three major reasons why using popcorn fundraising for schools is a great option include:

Everyone Loves Popcorn - Flavors for Everyone!

Popcorn is a universally preferred and loved snack because it has multiple varieties or flavors for everyone to choose their preferred one. There is a popcorn flavor for everyone, whether you prefer savory, salty, or sweet flavors. This makes popcorn fundraising an attractive option for both buyers and sellers.

High-Profit Margins (50% Guaranteed, No Minimums)

The high-profit margins for popcorn are the major advantage of popcorn fundraising. The Pop Fund provides a guaranteed 50% profit margin on all popcorn sales, with no requirement for minimum orders. The guaranteed 50% profit margin implies that for every 10 dollars of popcorn, an organization sells, 5 dollars directly go to your organization. No minimum order requirements allow your organization to sell as little or as much as you require to meet your fundraising objectives. This implies that schools are capable of raising a substantial amount of funds from their respective popcorn fundraisers.

Affordable Fundraising

Popcorn fundraisers are a more affordable means of fundraising compared to other methods of fundraising. This is because it is quite expensive to set up and run traditional fundraisers, but with the Pop Fund, you need not worry about any upfront expenses because it offers all the required materials and resources to get started, including promotional materials, order forms, and brochures.

The Pop Fund offers popcorn at competitive prices, which makes it an increasingly accessible alternative for every organization and school, irrespective of their size. This competitive pricing makes your organization offer high-quality gourmet popcorn at an affordable price for everyone.

Tons Of Flavors

Truly 50% Profit - GUARANTEED
Unlike many other fundraising companies, The Pop Fund truly gives you 50% of your profits! No hidden fees, no hidden costs, and no games. We guarantee that 50% of every single dollar you raise will go right where it belongs.. Directly to you!

What school organizations does The Pop Fund work with?

The Pop Fund works with a range of school organizations to assist them in raising money. Some examples of school organizations working with The Pop Fund are discussed below:

Sports teams

The Pop Fund works with sports teams to help them raise funds to buy new uniforms and new equipment and settle travel/trip expenses. Popcorn is a great snack alternative for team games and events.

PTA Events & Organizations

The Pop Fund also works with Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) events and organizations to raise funds for diverse school-related activities. Popcorn fundraisers remain a prodigious addition to such school events as movie nights, carnivals, and related community events.

Student Clubs & Organizations

The Pop Fund also works with Student Clubs & Organizations to raise money for events and activities. Popcorn is also a celebrated snack option for these events and meetings, as it is an easy item to sell.

College Fraternities & Sororities

The Pop Fund allows college fraternities and sororities to use popcorn fundraisers to raise funds for their philanthropic purposes and related expenses. Popcorn is also a great way for college fraternities and sororities to engage with the community and create awareness for their philanthropic causes. The Pop Fund is, therefore, a fantastic means for college fraternities and sororities to raise quick money for their activities while simultaneously promoting a sense of comradery and community among members.
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Band and Choir

The Pop Fund partners with band and choir programs to use popcorn fundraisers to collect money for new uniforms and equipment and pay for their travel expenses. Brand and choir programs usually require expensive equipment and instruments, competition fees, and travel expenses, which makes The Pop Fund a great way to raise funds to sustain music programs while still promoting musical excellence and teamwork. Brand and choir organizations further find popcorn a great snack option for their concerts and other related events.


The Pop Fund allows the cheerleading organizations to use popcorn fundraisers to raise funds for their new equipment and uniforms and meet trip expenses. Popcorn is also a great snack option for cheerleading games and other associated team events.

Performing Arts and Theater

Performing Arts and Theater partners with the Pop Fund to use the fundraisers to raise funds to meet production expenses, new costumes, and equipment. Popcorn is a good snack for post-show and intermission refreshments.

To sum up, popcorn fundraising with The Pop Fund remains a sure way for schools and organizations to raise quick and easy money. The Pop Fund’s guaranteed high-profit margins, multiple flavors, and affordable pricing make popcorn fundraisers an easy and fun way to engage and integrate teachers, parents, and students in a great cause.

So, whether you are a performing arts program, student club, or sports team, The Pop Fund offers everything you require for successful fundraising! So why settle for an ineffective, complicated, and boring traditional fundraiser when The Pop Fund guarantees you a 50% profit margin and no minimum order requirement while still helping raise quick money to leave a real mark for your organization?

Truly 50% Profit - GUARANTEED
Unlike many other fundraising companies, The Pop Fund truly gives you 50% of your profits! No hidden fees, no hidden costs, and no games. We guarantee that 50% of every single dollar you raise will go right where it belongs.. Directly to you!

Still have questions about school fundraisers?

Head over to The Popcorn Fund blog to find some useful information and resources. Or, if you want to know about anything specific, please feel free to contact us right away!

Frequently Asked School Fundraiser Questions

The amount of money you can raise with popcorn fundraising will depend on several factors such as the number of participants, the selling price, and the profit margin offered by your popcorn supplier. By setting a realistic fundraising goal and promoting your fundraiser effectively, you can raise a substantial amount of money for your school.

To maximize your sales and profits, it’s best to offer a variety of popcorn flavors and formats that appeal to a broad range of tastes. 

To promote your popcorn fundraiser effectively, you can leverage various marketing channels such as social media, email newsletters, flyers, posters, and word-of-mouth. Be sure to highlight the unique features and benefits of your popcorn such as its quality, freshness, and affordability. You can also create a sense of urgency by setting a deadline for orders and offering exclusive discounts or incentives for early bird customers. Finally, don’t forget to thank your supporters and keep them updated on the progress of your fundraiser.

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