Partnering with Local Businesses: A Win-Win for Traditional Popcorn Fundraising

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Introduction to the Fundraiser Opportunity

I recently was approached with an opportunity to help a local elementary school with their popcorn fundraiser by partnering with a local business. This school was already scheduled to do a fundraiser with Pop Fund and was super excited, but a local pizza shop offered to help the school raise the funds they desperately needed. Here’s how!

The Pizza Shop’s Community Involvement

This particular pizza shop was an old-school mom and pop shop that doesn’t deliver their pizza. Every one of their customers is required to stop by and pick up their orders, and because of this, they receive a lot of foot traffic on a daily and weekly basis. This pizza shop was also located right down the road from the school in the same city and is very well known in the community.

Partnering with Pop Fund

They heard about the upcoming school fundraiser and decided to make an offer to sell Pop Fund popcorn at their shop during the school’s two weeks of traditional fundraising. With their shop being a trusted local business, Pop Fund accepted this offer and coordinated the delivery of all the popcorn that was needed in order to sell it each day for the two weeks. This pizza shop sold hundreds of bags of popcorn a week and gave every bit of the 50% profit that Pop Fund offers back to the school to help them and their cause.

The Importance of Community and Creativity in Fundraising

Sharing this quick story is important to me because it is such a great example of how you can get creative with your fundraiser, your community, and with something as delicious and simple as popcorn! I also share this story to let you know that you aren’t in this alone. There is no need for you to ever think you need to raise funds on your own. Search your community, ask around, and seek help from those around you! Chances are, there are dozens of people and/or businesses that are more than willing and extremely happy to help you in your endeavors.

Encouragement to Think Outside the Box

There are so many people out there doing fundraising, so it has almost become crucial and required to get creative on how you decide to fundraise and have some fun with it. When you are on a mission, it’s up to you to do whatever it takes to accomplish that mission for you, your team, and your community as a whole!

A Real-Life Example of Community Support

Imagine it, you are headed to your local pizza shop to pick up dinner for you and your family, and suddenly you see 5 different flavors of gourmet popcorn for just $8 per bag. 50% of every bag you purchase goes to the elementary school in your city, and you now have a delicious treat for your family that neither of you expected. This is just one of many fun and creative ways to impact your community and those within it.

Conclusion: Working Together for Success

Let’s all work together to think outside the box and start to crush our goals while putting a smile on everyone’s face!


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