The Ultimate Guide To Popcorn Fundraising

Use This Guide To Popcorn Fundraising As Your Ticket To Success

What is Popcorn Fundraising?

With all of the different fundraisers out there, it’s important to understand what each one has to offer in order to decide on the one best suited for you. For now, we will focus on one of the many fundraising opportunities out there by answering a simple question: What is popcorn fundraising?

Popcorn Fundraising is a simple yet popular and profitable way for organizations to raise money. Some of the more common groups who sell popcorn as a fundraiser include schools, sports teams, dance studios, gym studios, and 4-H clubs. When an organization does popcorn fundraising, they sell bags of popcorn for an average of two weeks while earning a profit on each sale. When working with Pop Fund for example, you will have 15 delicious and Popular flavors to sell during your fundraiser, making it a fundraiser favorable for nearly everyone.

Unlike many other fundraisers with low-profit splits, popcorn fundraisers offer high-profit margins that allow your organization to raise large amounts of money in a short period of time. Doing this type of fundraiser also gives you a competitive edge due to the fact that everyone loves delicious popcorn! Because of this, sellers are able to sell to almost every person around them with ease. When working with popcorn, you also have the comfort of knowing that you are working with a packaged product that can be transported to your supporter with guaranteed freshness.

Benefits of Popcorn Fundraising

Raising money as a seller during a fundraiser is great, but doing so while simultaneously satisfying the buyer is even better. You see, everyone seems to win during a popcorn fundraiser because the event benefits all parties involved. Let’s go over all of the great benefits of selling popcorn for your next fundraiser.

The first and potentially most important benefit is the fact that popcorn is an easy sell. With the exception of a very few, it seems that everyone we’ve talked to LOVE’s popcorn. At Pop Fund, we decided to pair this “LOVE” of popcorn with a lower price point for the buyer/supporter and a higher profit percentage for you, the seller. Our popcorn has a long-lasting shelf life of 8 months when stored in a dry, cool area like your home. This allows supporters to buy many flavors from the seller at one time while having the ease of mind of knowing they can eat it throughout the remainder of the year.

Many organizations have in-person events for their fundraisers, which can be hit or miss. This is mainly because it’s hard to get people to commit to showing up to events a lot of times. This is another benefit to doing a popcorn fundraiser instead. With popcorn fundraising, you can take the sale to a person rather than the person having to come to the sale/event. Plus, you can give your supporters the option of purchasing from you in person or online so that we can ship directly to them. Rest assured, every purchase has the same results: You, as a seller, receive a high-profit percentage for sale, your supporter is happy to support you, and they also get delicious gourmet popcorn for them to enjoy. Everyone wins!

How Popcorn Fundraising Works

Maybe you like the idea of popcorn fundraising but you’re not sure how it works? Lucky for you, the process is simple! Pop Fund may have been recommended to you by a friend, or perhaps you saw our site? Either way, simply reach out to us through our site or any of our social media platforms, and a Pop Fund representative will be in touch with you in less than a day’s time.
Once we are in touch with you, we have a quick form for you to fill out that gets the process started. This form gives us information such as, what organization you’re with, when you would like to start, what type of popcorn fundraiser you want (traditional or a combination of traditional and online), and who is in charge of organizing your fundraiser. Once we have all of the necessary information, we ship all of the needed selling brochures for free for you to get started. At the end of your 2 week fundraiser you will send us your total numbers so that we can invoice you for 50% of what you raised and ship you all of your popcorn for free. The best part of this process is that we never touch your profits. You keep your 50% profit split in hand for immediate use for your organization!

Things We Will Talk About Within This Ultimate Guide To Popcorn Fundraising

After years of not only research, but also first hand experience with fundraising, we have not only proven that popcorn fundraising is potentially the best fundraiser out there, but we have become experts at perfecting this fundraiser. From perfecting our recipes and bag sizes in our FDA inspected facility, to maximizing the profits for every group that works with us, we believe that we have become proven experts in the popcorn fundraising world to give you and your group world class care and results. As a company, we have found that the best way to perfect the results in the popcorn fundraising world is to listen to the feedback of those who work with us. Everything Pop Fund currently offers and stands for has come from the requests of those who we have worked with. We have adjusted our unique flavors, bag size, pricing, profit split, brochure design, shipping, and even our online ordering system all based on customer feedback. Even our incentive program, where we offer free bags of popcorn for high-performing sellers, was implemented because of customer feedback. That is why we proudly state our confidence of being one of the best fundraisers available for you and your group. Because YOU help us every day with our goal of reaching perfection in the fundraising world.

Promoting Your Popcorn Fundraising Campaign

There are many ways to promote your fundraiser campaign. Oftentimes teams and organizations have their ways of promoting in place. However, for those who don’t, we are here to offer suggestions and guide you in the right direction. From sharing on social media, posting flyers at your school, or having parents promote the fundraiser at their work; promoting an exciting popcorn fundraiser is something we know you can succeed in.

Planning Your Popcorn Fundraising Campaign

When fundraising with Pop Fund, we walk you through the process from start to finish. Perhaps you have never run a fundraiser before? Not a problem. We will walk you through how to plan your 2 week campaign with your team. From providing your order forms, to tallying up final sales, and even providing bags to hand out the sold popcorn to your sellers; We are here to help develop the perfect plan of success for your fundraiser.

Choosing the Right Popcorn Fundraising Company

Truth is, there are many popcorn companies out there that offer fundraising. Because of this, it’s often difficult for a group leader to choose the right company for their fundraiser. We kept this in mind when designing our fundraiser program. When you work with Pop Fund, you’ll notice everything was designed around simplicity. Instead of offering different seized bags and variable profit split percentages, we have made all of our bags the same size, the same price, and a 50% profit split, 100% of the time. Your profit split with Pop Fund is guaranteed at 50% and never changes based on flavors like other companies. We wanted our process to be crystal clear, which is why even our packaging is a clear bag! This way, you can see that every bag is filled to the brim.

Tips for Maximizing Popcorn Fundraising Success

There are many ways to maximize the results of your popcorn fundraiser. To ease your mind, here are some below!

Quick Popcorn Fundraising Tips

  • Plan ahead by making sure all sellers have their order forms before the fundraiser starts with plenty of time to spare
  • Let your school or organization know ahead of time that you will be launching a popcorn fundraiser in the coming weeks / months and share your start date
  • When announcing your upcoming fundraiser, explain where supporters can go in order to purchase popcorn from a seller
  • For younger ones, it may work well to have some extra selling forms for parents, aunts, or uncles to take to their work in order to get supporting sales from coworkers
  • Let people know on social media that you or a person you know is selling popcorn and ask for support
  • If your team is meeting at a sporting event, bring brochures to the event to reach additional supporters
  • Compete with your friends to see who can sell the most popcorn. This often times accounts for the most success during a fundraiser
Groups Average Over $2,500 Per Fundraiser

Get started today! All you have to do is reach out and our team will help get you set up with ZERO commitment. We are here to help you be successful!

Groups & Organizations that Benefit from Popcorn Fundraising

At Pop Fund, we work with all different types of schools, groups, and organizations across the country. Although their consistency varies depending on the season, we have found that popcorn fundraisers work for nearly anyone who has the need to raise funds for their cause. Below are some examples of different types of groups and how they benefit from making 50% profit on their popcorn sales.


  • Class Uniforms
  • School Supplies
  • DC Trips
  • Field Trips
  • Annual Events


  • Raising funds for the homeless
  • Community aid
  • Mission Trips
  • Youth groups

Baseball Teams

  • Uniforms
  • Equipment
  • Team travel
  • Trophy and gear expenses


  • Custom gear
  • Local competitions
  • National competitions
  • Travel expenses
  • Classroom upgrades


  • Equipment upgrades
  • Gym expansions
  • Marketing outreach
  • Uniform upgrades
  • Local & national competitions
  • Travel expenses

Volleyball Teams

  • Competition expenses
  • Travel expenses
  • Venue leasing expenses
  • Team gear
  • Player equipment

4-H Groups

  • Raise funding for new jackets
  • General fundraising for 4-H
If you are serious about raising the proper funds for your organization, you should seriously consider popcorn fundraising. Once you realize the simplicity of this beneficial way of fundraising, you will understand how effective it can be for you and your team. You may be surprised to learn that your supporters will enjoy the popcorn so much that they will wish they had bought more from you! If you do decide that popcorn fundraising is right for you, we highly recommend reading through The Ultimate Guide To Popcorn Fundraising. This will not only answer questions you may have, but it will also fully prepare you for a successful popcorn fundraiser. Taking these fundraising tips and implementing them will help you raise the most money possible during your next campaign.

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