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University student clubs and organizations are an important part of student life on campuses across the nation. Whether you’re in a club sport like ultimate frisbee or a degree specific group like the American Marketing Association, these clubs bring students together to make their experience more meaningful and impactful. Many times though school sponsored club funding doesn’t meet all the financial needs of your organization. I’ve been there! This is when you need to look for outside funding to close the gap. So whether you’re trying to get new equipment for your team or you want to attend the national conference for your respective association, fundraising is a great way to make it happen.

Types of College Organizations That Benefit From Fundraisers

There are many different groups, clubs, and organizations that are affiliated with universities that have the need to raise their own funds to support their cause or group. These organizations may include fraternities, sororities, sales groups, marketing groups, and general business or nonprofit organizations. Essentially anyone on campus that is part of a group and looking to raise money can take serious advantage of selling popcorn for a “high profit” return on their committed time.

Club Sports

Club sports are a great way to stay involved in the sport you played through grade school or try something new. Club sports are also a great way to make new friends and connections. Many times school will supply you with free field time and some equipment. Many times school funding will fall short when it comes to traveling for competitions or when you want to get the team new uniforms or gear. This is when students lean on fundraising to make that happen. Popcorn fundraisers are a great way to get everyone on the team involved and moving towards a common goal. Popcorn is a great snack on gameday and can be sold to teammates, spectators or family and friends.
Fundraising for Colleges - Energetic college girls playing soccer on a sunlit field, donning soccer uniforms with orange penny jerseys and white socks. Their passion for the game reflects the dedication to their fundraising cause.
A joyous college student organization gathers in the campus commons, laughing and smiling. Their camaraderie shines as they embark on popcorn fundraising, having fun while raising funds for their college initiatives.

Student Organizations

If you’re familiar with college student organizations, you know how many different types there are. Everything from degree oriented clubs like accounting and engineering to hobby clubs like 3D printing and outdoor adventure, college students get very creative on the sort of the clubs they want to start or join. Since the number of student run organizations is always changing as interests change and students come and go, funding for these clubs by the school can be inconsistent. Many times more established organizations that have been around for years get an allotted budget but new clubs get what’s left. This can leave it up to your members to raise the money you need for your student organization. Many times fundraisers are the answer. It’s hard to find donors and the students themselves are already on the college budget! Running a popcorn fundraiser can be a fun way to bring your organization together and get the funding you need.

Fraternity and Sororities

Greek life is a large part of many students’ experiences on campus. It’s a great way to meet new people, make friends, connect with alumni and build personal development skills like leadership. If you’re in a fraternity or sorority you know that there are many annual expenses to keep it running. From keeping up the residence and running social events to funding community events and philanthropic endeavors, things can get expensive. Many times the annual dues your members pay and donations from alumni don’t cut it. Fundraising initiatives are not merely about collecting funds; they embody the values and principles that these organizations uphold.

Alumni Events

Alumni events are great opportunities for universities to bring Alumni back to their Alma Mater. These types of events are all about building community within the Alumni classes and raising money for the school. A great way to bolster your university fundraising efforts during these events is with popcorn! Many Alumni that don’t donate outright to the school at the event commonly feel more comfortable donating in a way they get something in return. Having a table setup with current students selling popcorn is a great add to any Alumni event.
Fundraising for Colleges - Joyous college graduates celebrate their achievements in cap and gown, tossing their hats in the air with smiles on their faces. Amidst the scenic backdrop of pine trees, they look forward to supporting their alma mater through popcorn fundraising.

Why are Popcorn Fundraisers great for college fundraising?

Popcorn is a great college fundraising idea due to its broad appeal among college students and the wider community. With delicious flavors and affordable pricing, popcorn is an easy-to-sell product that resonates well with potential donors. The high-profit margins offered by popcorn fundraisers help student organizations and college clubs raise significant funds for their initiatives and events. Additionally, the simplicity and year-round viability of popcorn fundraisers make them an ideal and convenient fundraising strategy for busy college students and institutions alike.

Appeals to College Students

College students are always on the go. Popcorn is a beloved snack among college students, making it an easy sell. With its affordable price point and delicious flavors, it’s a product that resonates well with the target audience, increasing the likelihood of student success.

High Profit Margins

Popcorn fundraisers often offer attractive profit margins, which is essential for student organizations with limited budgets. The ability to earn a substantial profit from each sale helps these groups fund their events, activities, and philanthropic initiatives effectively.
Fundraising for Colleges - Joyful college students dancing in a field, radiating happiness and enthusiasm. Their love for popcorn fundraisers is evident as they celebrate the success of their college fundraising campaign with joyful exuberance.
A heartwarming display of unity and teamwork as a diverse group of individuals gather in a circle, hands joined in the center for a huddle. Excitement and determination radiate from their expressions, reflecting the spirit of collaboration. At the center of the huddle, the PopFund logo proudly stands, symbolizing the cause that unites them all. This image captures the essence of community support and camaraderie, as they come together to make a difference through popcorn fundraising. The PopFund logo represents the shared purpose that drives their efforts, creating a powerful connection and a sense of belonging among the participants. The diverse backgrounds and perspectives represented in the circle showcase the inclusive and collaborative nature of the fundraising event. Through their joined hands and shared commitment, they demonstrate the strength of their collective effort to make a positive impact. The image serves as an inspiring reminder of the power of teamwork and how working together, united under a common cause, can lead to meaningful achievements. As they huddle around the PopFund logo, they share the vision of success and the collective joy of making a difference in their community.

Easy to Execute

Popcorn fundraisers are relatively simple to organize, making them ideal for busy college students juggling academic commitments and extracurricular activities. The Pop Fund provides comprehensive support, including sales brochures and an online sales platform, streamlining the process further to make your fundraising effort go further.


Popcorn fundraisers typically offer a range of flavors, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. This versatility ensures there’s something for everyone, encouraging a broader customer base and boosting sales potential. At the Pop Fund we have 15 delicious flavors! We have found that by offering 15 flavors we are able to give a great variety of flavors without overwhelming your supporters with too many flavors and sizes. That’s why we also keep every bag the same size to keep things simple for everyone across the board.

Year-Round Viability

Unlike some fundraising activities that are limited to specific seasons or events, popcorn fundraisers can be conducted year-round. This flexibility provides student organizations with a consistent revenue stream, allowing them to plan and budget more effectively.

Minimal Risk and Investment

Running a popcorn fundraiser typically involves low upfront costs and minimal risk for student groups. Since many fundraising companies work on a pre-order basis, there’s no need to purchase inventory in advance, reducing the financial burden on the organization. At the Pop Fund there is no upfront cost!

Engaging and Interactive

Popcorn fundraisers can be interactive and engaging for both sellers and buyers. Students can actively participate in promoting the fundraiser, and customers enjoy the excitement of receiving a tasty treat while supporting a good cause.

Community Involvement

College campuses often have tight-knit communities, including alumni and local residents. Popcorn fundraisers can attract support from a wide range of individuals, helping student organizations build stronger connections within the campus and local community. Working with a company like Pop Fund provides comfort to all of those involved. This is because both the sellers and the supporters in the community are aware of the 50% profit that stays with them for each and every purchase.

Brand Building

Successful popcorn fundraisers can enhance the visibility and reputation of student clubs, organizations, fraternities, and sororities on campus. Positive fundraising experiences create a favorable impression, which may encourage more students to get involved in the future.

Philanthropic Opportunities

Many college student organizations are committed to giving back to their communities or supporting charitable causes. Popcorn fundraisers enable them to raise funds for philanthropic endeavors, contributing to a positive impact beyond campus borders.

Tips For Running a Successful Popcorn Fundraiser on Campus

Running a successful popcorn fundraiser on campus for college clubs, organizations, fraternities, and sororities requires careful planning, effective promotion, and engaging activities. Here are some tips and ideas to make your popcorn fundraiser a hit:

Choose a Reputable Popcorn Vendor (That's Us!)

Select a well-established popcorn vendor with a variety of flavors. Look for a company that offers high-quality popcorn, attractive profit margins, and excellent customer service.
Focused college students on the fundraising committee, seated around a round table with books and laptops open. They collaboratively set goals for their popcorn fundraiser to support their student organization and college initiatives.

Set a Clear Fundraising Goal

Determine the fundraising goals for your popcorn campaign. Clearly define how much money you aim to raise and what specific initiatives or events the funds will support. Having a clear purpose will motivate participants and potential donors.

Organize a Fundraising Committee

Create a dedicated committee responsible for planning and executing the popcorn fundraiser. Assign specific roles, such as promotion, logistics, and sales coordination, to ensure smooth operations.

Promote Your Fundraiser

Use various promotional channels to create awareness about your popcorn fundraiser. Utilize social media, campus bulletin boards, emails, and word-of-mouth to reach as many potential supporters as possible.

Set Up Eye-Catching Booths

If you plan to sell popcorn in person, set up visually appealing booths in high-traffic areas on campus. Use colorful banners, signage, and decorations to attract attention and entice passersby to make a purchase.

Incorporate Fun Activities

Organize activities and games alongside the popcorn sales to draw more people to your fundraiser. Examples include trivia contests, mini-games, or prize wheels for extra incentives to participate.
Enjoying a spirited game of cornhole on a sunny day. College students gather around wood-colored boards with red and blue bags, fostering camaraderie and fundraising fun in a picturesque backyard setting.
A laptop on the table alongside a tray of hot tea, showcasing a woman's hands diligently typing. College fundraising planning in progress, as the laptop aids in organizing and strategizing for the popcorn fundraising event.

Online Sales Option

Offer the convenience of online sales for students and supporters who may not be able to visit the physical booths. Set up an easy-to-use online platform to take orders and accept payments. The Pop Fund offers traditional brochure fundraising, online fundraising and a combination of both!

Partner with Campus Events

Collaborate with other student organizations or campus events to showcase and sell your popcorn during their gatherings. Football games, movie nights, or student fairs are excellent opportunities to reach a larger audience.

Engage Alumni and Local Community:

Leverage your fraternity or sorority’s alumni network and reach out to local residents to support your popcorn fundraising campaign. Consider sending personalized emails or hosting alumni engagement events to create connections.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Set specific start and end dates for your popcorn fundraiser to create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate action from potential supporters. Sellers do better with a deadline. At the Pop Fund we’ve seen the most success when your popcorn fundraiser runs for two weeks.

Show Gratitude

Express appreciation to everyone who participates in or supports your fundraiser. Send thank-you notes, showcase your achievements, and share how their contributions have made a positive impact on your organization.
A top-down view of a woman writing a thank-you card placed on a blueish table. Expressing gratitude for the successful popcorn fundraiser, she acknowledges the support and contributions that made a difference on the college campus.
Truly 50% Profit - GUARANTEED
Unlike many other fundraising companies, The Pop Fund truly gives you 50% of your profits! No hidden fees, no hidden costs, and no games. We guarantee that 50% of every single dollar you raise will go right where it belongs.. Directly to you!

Why Use The Pop Fund for College Fundraisers

Successful fundraising starts with a solid vendor who is there with you every step of the way to make sure your fundraising event goes off without a hitch. That’s why we started Pop Fund! We provide a hassle free experience you’ll remember.

We Make It Easy

Our goal is to make your fundraiser as easy and successful as possible. We will guide you through the process so you can confidently run your fundraiser. Our goal when getting started is to create a clear path to success from start to finish. We do this by sending you all of the needed information and materials that we believe you will need prior to getting started.

Customer Support

We know that questions can come up during your fundraiser. We’re always available to answer those questions and guide you to success. We’re always a phone call or email away! Something that we ensure is a quick response, regardless of which form of communication you choose.
Fundraising for Colleges - A cheerful woman with a ponytail and glasses, wearing a maroon shirt, smiles while looking at a grey laptop to her left. Holding a smartphone in her hand, she exudes enthusiasm and dedication in organizing the popcorn fundraiser for colleges, with sunlight streaming in through the window behind her.

50% Profits Guaranteed

Many other fundraising vendors incorporate tiered earnings for the groups they help. Not Pop Fund! Have a 50% profit guarantee. Our goal is to help you make money, not lose it. That’s why we have zero hidden fees, 50% profit on all sales, and free shipping on all of your traditionally sold popcorn as long as you sell 75 bags or more (which we know you will).

Flavors For All Tastes

We take pride in giving you a wide variety of mouth-watering flavors. We have 15 delectable flavors in total, making sure to fit everyone’s taste. Our flavors were all uniquely created with one goal: incredible taste that will never disappoint. We also kept things simple by offering all 15 flavors for the same price and packing them in the same bag size. This avoids any complications or complaints from your supporters.

Still have questions about fundraising for colleges?

Head over to The Pop Fund blog to find some useful information and resources. Or, if you want to know about anything specific, please feel free to contact us right away!

Frequently Asked Questions - Fundraising For Colleges

Once you reach out to us we will pick a start date based on our schedule and what you requested. Once that date is picked, we ship out your order forms and you can get started as soon as you receive them. This process can be as quick as a week after you reach out to us.
Simply reach out to us and share your interest in online fundraising. We will then ask you for a logo / image for your group and also an optional list of names. Once we receive these we can have your page set up within a day or wait until your future start date.
Nothing! We ship you your forms for free, set up online fundraising for free, and ship you all of your bulk popcorn orders for free.
This just depends on what sort of organization you represent. If you are a college organization, it’s best to start a fundraiser at the beginning of a semester. We’ve found that there is the most foot traffic during that time and students and professors aren’t yet bogged down with midterms or finals.
On average college groups and organizations will raise $2,500 in a matter of 2 weeks.
Our bags sell for $8 each and you make 50% profit so you will make $4 for every bag that is sold.

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