Fun Ways For PTAs To Fundraise Money

As a PTA member, you may find yourself constantly brainstorming ways to raise money for your school. Whether for new equipment, field trips, or extracurricular activities, there never seem to be enough funds.

But guess what? PTA fundraising doesn’t have to be a drag by involving traditional methods like bake sales and car washes. After all, if you keep repeating the same school fundraiser ideas over and over, you risk leaving money on the table as supporters will grow tired.

But who said school fundraising couldn’t be fun? When you work with a popcorn fundraising company like the Pop Fund, you’ll realize there are fun PTA fundraising ideas like selling delicious popcorn.

These ideas will engage your community and bring in some serious cash for your school. So, if you’re ready to take your school’s fundraising efforts to the next level, keep reading.

Three Fun Ways For PTAs To Fundraise Money

When you partner with the Pop Fund for PTA fundraising, you’ll get different flavors of popcorn to sell to your supporters. The beauty of leveraging popcorn sales as one of the best PTA fundraising ideas is that you’ll be offering a delicious snack that your entire community will love.

With the Pop Fund, you’ll have three options for raising money. These include:

Online Fundraising

Thanks to the internet, you can reach a larger group of supporters regardless of location. Selling popcorn online is an easy PTA fundraising idea to help you reach out-of-town supporters.

You’ll need to share a custom link with your supporters through a social media platform like Facebook or email. The Pop Fund will create a custom page that your popcorn sellers can share with potential supporters. You can opt for a list of sellers on the page or a general page.

The Pop Fund will ship out all the orders directly to your supporters’ doors on the same day. We will also email you a breakdown of all the sales so you can keep track of the money raised.

Traditional Fundraising

If you don’t want to go online, you can host a classic popcorn fundraiser. You’ll have to distribute orders and collect payments from your supporters physically. This method is ideal if your supporters are within close proximity.

The Pop Fund will provide a free four-page brochure where your popcorn sellers will record their sales during the PTA fundraiser. After the fundraiser, you will calculate the total sales from each form and send the tally and the gathered amount to us.

The Pop Fund will provide fast and free shipping on all orders for this method. You can only order a minimum of 75 bags. Once you get your popcorn, you can kick off your fundraiser anytime.

A Combination of Both

If you want to maximize your reach, why not combine online and traditional fundraising? This combination will give you the best of both worlds.

You’ll be able to reach out-of-town supporters through the web and make doorstep sales through traditional fundraising. As a result, you can engage more people and raise even more money for your school.

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Tips For A Successful PTA Fundraiser

Even if you have the best PTA fundraising ideas, they won’t yield much if only a few people know about the school fundraiser. You need to advertise widely and ensure your supporters know all the details. Here are a few tips that can help you spread the word:

Advertise By Passing Out Flyers

Flyers are a low-cost promotional tool to draw attention to your PTA fundraiser. You can distribute the flyers through the mail, local stores, schools, or even door-to-door.

Remember to include important information like the date, place, and time of the event and details about your fundraiser. Your flyers should also have an eye-catching design to grab people’s attention. Include contact information so people can easily follow up if they are interested in contributing or volunteering.

Share On Social Media

In an era where social media dominates, you can use various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach a larger audience. You can create exciting posts informing your supporters about the upcoming PTA fundraiser. You should tag relevant pages, groups, and friends in your post to get more visibility.

Engage with your followers by responding promptly to comments and direct messages. Don’t forget to include a link where people can donate directly or find more information about the event.

Tell Your Friends To Spread The Word

Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to help spread the word about the PTA fundraiser. Tell them to share it on their social media accounts or inform friends and acquaintances interested in attending the event or donating money for a good cause. This strategy will help you raise the necessary funds without spending much on advertising.

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Why You Should Use The Pop Fund

Below is an overview of why you should choose the Pop Fund as your popcorn fundraising company:

50% Profits Gauranteed

The Pop Fund guarantees a 50% profit on every popcorn bag you sell. There are no hidden fees or costs, so you can be sure that 50% of every dollar you raise will go to your school. This way, you can raise more funds to reach your goal quickly.

The Best Popcorn In The Industry

We offer 15 unique popcorn flavors that will delight your supporters. The flavors include Better Cheddar, Creamy Dill, Garlic Parm, Jalapeno Cheddar, Kettle Corn, Birthday Cake, Pizza, Very Caramel, and more. With all these gluten-free flavors, your supporters can choose whatever suits their taste.

No Commitment Required (ZERO RISK)

We aim to make it easier for you to plan a fundraiser and reduce the risks involved. That’s why we offer no-commitment fundraising, so you don’t have to worry about investing money without the assurance of success.

The Pop Fund has no minimums or up-front payments, so you can order popcorn with peace of mind. You can order as much or as little popcorn as you need, provided that you meet the minimum threshold and enjoy the same 50% profit guarantee.

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Tips For A Student (High School, Middle School, Elementary) To Sell More Popcorn For Their Fundraiser

Here are some tips for students to sell more products for their fundraiser:

  1. Set a goal: Encourage students to set a goal for the number of products they want to sell. This will help them stay motivated and focused throughout the fundraising period.
  2. Be enthusiastic: Encourage students to be enthusiastic and passionate about the product they are selling. This will help them connect with potential buyers and convince them to make a purchase.
  3. Practice sales pitches: Encourage students to practice their sales pitches in front of a mirror or with a friend. This will help them feel more confident and prepared when approaching potential buyers.
  4. Utilize social media: Encourage students to use social media to promote their fundraising efforts. This can include sharing photos of the product, creating posts explaining the fundraiser’s purpose, and reaching out to family and friends through messaging.
  5. Offer incentives: Consider offering incentives to students who sell a certain number of products. This can include prizes, extra credit, or other rewards to motivate students.
  6. Provide samples: If possible, provide samples of the product for students to share with potential buyers. This can help them showcase the product’s quality and convince buyers to make a purchase.
  7. Keep track of progress: Encourage students to keep track of their progress throughout the fundraising period. This can include setting up a chart to track the number of products sold and the amount of money raised, which can help motivate students to continue selling.

Overall, the key to selling more products for a fundraiser is to stay motivated, enthusiastic and prepared. By setting goals, practicing sales pitches, utilizing social media, offering incentives, providing samples, and tracking progress, students can maximize their fundraising efforts and raise more money for their cause.

Implement The Best PTA Fundraising Ideas Today!

Now that you know the top PTA fundraising ideas, it’s time to get started. The Pop Fund should be your go-to choice if you’re looking to host a fun and successful popcorn fundraiser for schools.

With our delicious popcorn and mouth-watering flavors, you will satisfy your supporters’ cravings while reaching your fundraising goal quickly. Browse our website to see why you should choose us for your fundraiser.

Frequently Asked PTA Fundraiser Questions

A PTA fundraiser is a type of fundraising activity organized by Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) in schools or educational institutions. The purpose of a PTA fundraiser is to raise funds to support school-related activities and programs that are not covered by the school budget, such as field trips, classroom supplies, extracurricular activities, and special events.

PTA fundraisers can be an important source of funding for schools, but they can also be controversial because some parents may feel that they are too demanding or put too much pressure on students to sell products. It’s important for PTAs to carefully consider the impact of their fundraising activities and ensure that they are respectful of students and families’ time and resources.

Some of the most successful fundraiser ideas that we have seen schools use is our traditional fundraising option. When you give group members the ability to raise money in person, you will see a higher success rate. we recently saw a single individual sell over 170 bags of popcorn just from traditional efforts.

There are many ways a PTA can raise money for a school. Here are some examples:

Organize a fundraising event: PTAs can plan events like a school carnival, fun run, or silent auction. These events can be great ways to raise money while also building community spirit and involving parents, students, and teachers.
Sell products: Another popular fundraising method is to sell products like candy, popcorn, or wrapping paper. These types of fundraisers can be done through catalogs or online platforms.

Apply for grants: PTAs can research and apply for grants that support education or youth programs. Local businesses and community organizations may also offer grants to schools.

Hold a donation drive: PTAs can organize donation drives to collect items like clothing, books, or canned goods. The items can be sold or donated to organizations that support students and families in need.

It’s important to consider the interests and abilities of the PTA members, as well as the needs and priorities of the school community, when choosing a fundraising method. PTAs should also be transparent about how funds are being used and make sure to follow any rules or guidelines set by the school or district.

PTAs (Parent-Teacher Associations) fundraise to provide financial support for their schools and communities. The funds raised through PTA fundraising efforts are often used to support a variety of initiatives, such as:

Educational programs: PTAs may fundraise to provide resources for educational programs that are not covered by the school budget. This can include everything from field trips to technology upgrades.
Extracurricular activities: PTAs may fundraise to support extracurricular activities such as sports teams, music programs, and clubs.

Classroom supplies: PTAs may fundraise to provide classroom supplies, such as books, art supplies, and educational materials.

School improvements: PTAs may fundraise to support school improvements such as playground equipment, building repairs, and landscaping.

Community events: PTAs may fundraise to organize and support community events such as festivals, carnivals, and holiday events.

Overall, fundraising is an important aspect of the PTA’s role in supporting schools and building a strong community.

Asking for donations to a PTA can be done in several ways, depending on the preferences of your community and the nature of your fundraising event. Here are some general tips to keep in mind when asking for donations:

Clearly explain the purpose of your fundraising: Make sure that you explain why you are fundraising and how the funds will be used to benefit the school or community. This will help potential donors understand the importance of their donation.
Provide various donation options: Make it easy for donors to contribute by offering various donation options, such as online donations, cash, check, or in-kind donations.

Personalize your requests: When reaching out to potential donors, consider personalizing your requests. This can include addressing them by name or mentioning a specific connection they have to the school or community.

Be polite and appreciative: Always be polite and appreciative when asking for donations. Remember that donors are giving their time, money, or resources to support your cause, so be sure to thank them for their contribution.

Utilize social media and other platforms: Consider using social media, email newsletters, or other communication platforms to promote your fundraising event and ask for donations. These platforms can help you reach a wider audience and make it easy for donors to contribute.

Remember, fundraising for a PTA is a community effort, so make sure to involve as many people as possible and make the process fun and engaging for everyone involved.

PTA fundraisers can be used to support a variety of initiatives that benefit the school and the community. Some common uses of PTA fundraiser funds include:

  • Educational programs: Fundraisers can help to provide resources for educational programs, such as field trips, STEM initiatives, arts programs, and other academic needs.
  • Extracurricular activities: Fundraisers can support extracurricular activities such as sports teams, music programs, and clubs.
  • Classroom supplies: Fundraisers can help to provide classroom supplies, such as books, art supplies, and other educational materials.
  • School improvements: Fundraisers can be used to support school improvements such as playground equipment, building repairs, and landscaping.
  • Community events: Fundraisers can support community events such as festivals, carnivals, and holiday events that bring the school community together.
  • Technology upgrades: Fundraisers can help to provide new technology and equipment for classrooms, such as computers, tablets, and software.

Overall, PTA fundraisers are an important way to support the school and community, and can be used to fund a variety of programs and initiatives that benefit students, teachers, and families.

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