Brochure Fundraiser

The best way to sell with us is through our classic in-person-fundraising! We provide our easy-to-use brochures for free so that you can sell to your family and friends with ease!

Traditional Fundraising With The PopFund

Brochure fundraising is by far our most popular and most profitable form of selling. After we provide you with our free 4-page brochures, your group will use these to raise money by filling out each order on the form page of the brochure. Once your fundraiser is complete and you turn in the final numbers, your orders and the popcorn will be delivered to your group to distribute.

Truly 50% Profit - GUARANTEED

Unlike many other fundraising companies, The Pop Fund truly gives you 50% of your profits! No hidden fees, no hidden costs, and no games. We guarantee that 50% of every single dollar you raise will go right where it belongs… Directly to you!

The Benefits of Brochure Fundraising

Making Traditional Popcorn Fundraising Easy

Running your popcorn fundraiser with traditional brochure forms is the ultimate fundraising method. After working with hundreds of school fundraisers and organizations across the country, we know that traditional selling (with brochures and flyers) is the highest-performing way of raising the funds you need. The benefit of your sellers being in-person when selling to their supporters is invaluable. Face-to-face selling not only has a higher success rate but also creates awareness of the importance of your cause in a personal way. With your group working as a team for your next fundraiser, you would be surprised by the boost in morale!

Have A Big Goal To Hit?

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Online Fundraising

Whether you are running a school fundraiser or raising money for an organization we know you want to get the most out of your efforts. Try pairing traditional selling with online selling! While traditional (brochure) selling will always be the highest performer, having online selling is great for all of those out-of-town supporters that you may have! We understand that it’s not always easy reaching all of your supporters in-person; That’s why we have online selling as an option for you. Simply share your group’s logo and an optional name list and we will create your own custom page for support!

Sign Up Yo Get Your Fundraising Brochure / Flyer

Making Traditional Popcorn Fundraising Easy

How Traditional Fundraising With Popcorn Works

Step 1
Reach out to us about starting a fundraiser and selecting a start date
Step 2
We will ship you all of the brochures that are needed! (FREE of charge)
Step 3
Each seller will use these forms to fill out their orders during your two week fundraiser
Step 4
Each seller will turn in their summary of sales from their brochure along with the money they have raised. Each seller should keep their brochures to later distribute popcorn to their supporters.
Step 5
Your group leader will send us a summary of sales with our provided tally sheet, along with payment for the popcorn
Step 6
We will ship you all of your sold popcorn for you and your sellers to distribute to your supporters
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Tips For A Successful Online Fundraiser

What to Avoid When Traditional Fundraising

  • Lack or organization
  • Unclear goals
  • No kick-off
  • Failure to promote your fundraiser
  • Poor volunteer management

Things To Do When Brochure Fundraising

  • Make a Plan
  • Make A Timeline
  • Use Positive Language
  • Ask For Help
  • Follow Up
  • Engage Your Volunteer Base

Why Groups and Organizations Trust The Pop Fund As Their Fundraising Company

Tips For A Successful Online Fundraiser

  • Feel free to use our photos from our website or from to blast your fundraiser to your friends online. Have your parents do the same! Explain the price of $8 per bag or 3 bags for $22 and that you are earning 50% profit
  • Ask your friends on Facebook to let you know how many bags of popcorn they would like to purchase in the comment area of your post. Fill in your master order form from these comments. You can typically get 10+ bags sold from these posts alone!
  • Have your parents or friends take the brochure to work to gain support from their fellow co-workers. This is one of the most effective ways to gain additional sales!
  • Take your brochure to family functions and events!
  • Visit your close neighbors if you have them. These are usually easy sales and will be close by when you need to distribute later on!

Traditional Popcorn Fundraising FAQs

Yes! Popcorn fundraising is a great way to easily raise money. By offering multiple flavors and high quality popcorn, you can easily hit your fundraising goals. 

We have been in the fundraising game for years. Based on our experience, popcorn fundraising is the easiest way to hit your fundraising goals successfully.
Most groups gain an average profit $1,200 to $4,000 in just two weeks! We are here to help with your fundraising needs.
Popcorn is one of the best foods in the fundraising industry to keep long term. If kept in a dry cool area, our popcorn will stay fresh for up to 6 months
Simply click one of the “Start Fundraising Today” buttons on our site and reach out to us. Someone will respond and help you get on our schedule for your desired start date.

We have found that two weeks is the perfect amount of time for a fundraiser to last

We will ship your order using USPS, UPS, or FedEx, depending on the size of your order
We will provide you with a “Master Tally Sheet” that you will fill out once you have collected your forms from all of your sellers. Simply review your forms and fill out your group’s final totals on this sheet.
Once we receive your final tally, we will generate an invoice for 50% of what you raised and send it your way. You will then mail us a check for that amount or pay with your preferred method of payment.
Yes! For every 15 bags that an individual sells, they will receive one free bag of popcorn for themselves personally. The option of flavor(s) is up to them!
Yes! We are a 100% nut-free facility.
Of course! Simply click on one of the “Start Fundraising Today” buttons on our site and let us know who you are with and that you would like samples. Or simply email us directly at
Nope! Running a traditional fundraiser with Pop Fund is 100% free! We provide the flyers for free and ship your popcorn at the end of your sale for free!

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