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With a background in business, entrepreneurship, food manufacturing, and food distribution, Dominic is a perfectly qualified individual for co-founding a company such as Pop Fund. With a Marketing and Graphic Design focused bachelor’s degree in business administration from The University of Akron, Dominic’s educational experience has prepared him for the ins and outs of running a successful business. From a young age, Dominic has always been passionate about helping others. This passion has helped mold him into becoming an entrepreneur in the fundraising world. Helping schools, groups, and organizations all over the country through popcorn fundraisers has proven to be a fulfilling role not only for Dominic but for those he is able to support.

After college, Dominic worked in food distribution for over half a decade, selling food from Hillcrest Foodservice to restaurants and food manufacturing companies. This experience in the food industry helped prepare him for the creation of the popcorn manufacturing company Pop Fund, which he eventually co-founded in March of 2019. With his passion for helping people, his educational experience from The University of Akron, and his sales experience from Hillcrest Foodservice, Dominic has proven to be the perfect person to oversee the marketing, sales, and operations of The Pop Fund.


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